Looking for a peaceful place to learn alongside your child?

At Blue Jay Montessori, our environment is designed with your child’s development in mind. With our child-sized furniture and engaging materials, our classroom is a safe place for your child to explore their senses.

You come along with your child for the 2-hour session and learn alongside them how to apply the Montessori principles at home so your family can benefit from the Montessori approach 24/7. They can also come with a grandparent or other caregiver. We are an inclusive space. All is welcome.

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– Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

Our mission is…

to bring the authentic, beautiful, and peaceful Montessori environment into the daily lives of children, one home at a time.

In Montessori, teachers are referred to as “guides”, since it is our role to facilitate, rather than to teach, the natural development of the child. Dr. Maria Montessori shared a beautiful analogy between the development of a child and the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Since its hatching, the caterpillar would follow what is scripted in its DNA and move towards sunlight, eating all the leaves it can. The timing may be different for every caterpillar, but when it is ready, it will form its chrysalis and emerge as a butterfly. Just like a caterpillar, a child follows the course of nature and has these intense periods of growths, or “sensitive periods“, where they are tirelessly practicing to develop a specific skill.

From birth to age six, a child’s absorbent mind would take in more information from their environment (sensory details, language, behaviors, etc.) than any other periods of their life. Like a sponge, a child’s mind is absorbing all that is around them, indiscriminately. Hence, it is vital for adults to be mindful of actions and words used around a child, all the while providing an environment that facilitates a child’s development of order, coordination, concentration, and independence.

We are here to provide those tools for families in creating the best environment at home for their child’s course of natural development.

Why Montessori?

Recently, the Montessori Method is gaining traction in popularity thanks to social media. But why is this 100-year-old method from Italy so well-respected by educators and parents alike?

Research in the field of education is proving again and again that Montessori works and stands against the test of time. After all, Dr. Maria Montessori used scientific techniques to develop this curriculum.

With something that is known to have worked in the past, we strive to stay true to the methods and help bring the authentic, beautiful, and peaceful environment into the daily lives of children, one home at a time.